Website Design

Designing websites with your clients in mind. Easy navigation, easy on the eyes and user friendly website design.



Developing ecommerce websites where you and your employees can order custom made marketing materials from your company.


Web Development

Developing websites that are easy to view on any phone, tablet or computer. Search engine optimised and fast!


Web Branding

Making sure your website is being known on and offline. Directing prospects on craigslist and backpage to you, your website.


Customer Support

24/7 customer support by email. Supporting clients in Europe and the United States by phone during office hours in your timezone.


Graphic Design

Logo's, corporate identity, business cards, folders, signs, ads,greeting cards, franchising ads...You name it! We design all of these and more so your company stands out from the rest!


We are De Clercq Media Group.
Serving companies all over the globe!

We develop original ideas and turn them into digital work that is innovative but also measurable.

  • Advertising media
    Let your audience find you!

    Advertising media
    Let your audience find you!

    Developing advertising media fit to clients. We design and produce content intended to persuade target audiences to take action on your products or services.

  • Creative solutions
    A different approach on every matter.

    Creative solutions
    A different approach on every matter.

    At De Clercq Media Group, we tend to think out of the box. We let your audience engage with you. May it be online or offline. We will find a way to solve your communication challenge.

    We've helped clients to creatively solve communication challenges through strategic and integrated marketing services. We are committed to listening and understanding each client’s unique goals, needs and target audiences in order to arrive at the best solutions within the clients budget.

  • Stunning end results
    Experience the difference

    Stunning end results
    Experience the difference

    As a "one stop shop" creative agency, we take you by the hand from the start. Communicate with you trough each phase of a project and deliver an impressive product or service.

    If nessecary, support after the delivery of a product will also be given. That's just a part of service we believe we have to give. That's how we make,,, the difference.

Our Expertise
Crafting with passion and experience

With more than 12 years of experience in the business, De Clercq Media Group has the knowledge and expertise to develop products of a high standard aimed at a positive user experience.

95% of our products and services involve user experience. The rest of our products and services overlap each other. This is an overview of what we do most.

User Experience 95%

Web design66%

Graphic design85%

On & offline branding70%


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Satisfied Customers


Completed Projects


Winning Awards

Meet our team
The people behind De Clercq Media Group

The team behind De Clercq Media Group is a small, passionate, & powerful team.
Talented people with big ideas and creative minds.

Jurgen Dion de Clercq
Founder / Web & graphic designer

Team The Netherlands
Multitide of specialists.

Team USA
Web developers

What we do
Services for your business

We offer services to increase your sales and visibility. These services make your business stand out from the rest.

Website Design
Responsive design

Online Retail Stores

Web Development
Content Management Systems

Brand Creation
Business Thinking

Customer Support
24/7 Support

Graphic Design
Professional corporate branding

What we offer
to increase your business:

We offer products and services that gets your name out there! May it be online or offline, our products and services are designed to give you a professional look and to increase your sales. Convinced? Questions? Let's talk!

Service above and beyond! From concept to delivery of product or service and sometimes even after. We take you by the hand, include you in every step of the way unless desired otherwise. Why? because that's where we make the difference!

When we spend our hard earned money on something, we expect it to be good so we can enjoy it to the fullest. With this in mind, we give our clients the quality of service we also desire. We give them, the real deal!

We offer full support during office hours and if desired, also in the weekend. We also offer 24/7 support via email.

Have a project?
An idea?

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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